HSSCMM: Real Media Notices That Alphabet Management Misspells Stability

May 19, 2019

HSSCMM means in my small world in rural Kentucky the “high school science club management method.” HSSCMM is a wonderful acronym for many reasons. First, it requires that one have multi-year experience as a member and “officer” of an American high school science club from an era when high schools (public and private) had a Science Club. Second, appreciation blossoms when one thinks about the pranks the high school science club talked about and sometimes pulled off. A modern manifestation of the prank has been MIT students’ putting horses, autos, and MIT on a roof. Heh heh heh. Third, understanding is enriched with a modest brush with honest to goodness Googlers and seeing up close and personal the way in which adolescent thinking and global power blend in delicious ways.

Reading “Inside Google’s Civil War” does take a step in right direction on the path to Googletown. I learned:

Google paid former executive Andy Rubin a $90 million exit package, despite facing a sexual misconduct accusation Google deemed credible.

Intriguing, but were there other interactions of significance between “super” Googlers and the “peasant” Googlers? That might be something to explore.

I noted this insight about the GOOG:

Google was purpose-built to amplify employee voices.

Who knew? How could the HSSCMM foster insider behavior among insiders? How could the shining star of the Silicon Valley implementation of HSSCMM become a digital shibboleth? Perhaps the “we’re better” tendencies extended to the individuals who really were part of the true in crowd. The one percent of the one percent is a reasonable way to visualize the partitioning of the GOOG.

Googletown has to evolve. Twenty years is a reasonable amount of time for the sprout of online advertising to take root and flourish into the mighty oaks of science club experiments nourished by rivers of cash. True, some “oaks” have withered and died or been killed to make room for new developments. WebAccelerator perished to allow Google to focus on solving death. And the progress in cracking that challenge can be viewed through Google Glass I believe.

Now the Google approach to management is attracting the attention of “real” journalists looking at “real” issues inside the company.

In my opinion, the rock to flip is the one spray painted with the graffiti “HSSCMM.” There is a management biome thriving out of the bright Mountain View sunshine. The interpersonal interaction angle is one thread which when pulled may lead to the hemp rope strong enough to pull the good ship USS Google to the dry dock.

Googletown’s demographics, its super stars, and its in- and after-school behaviors may have stories to tell and lessons to teach. I am not sure if the phrase “civil war” captures the reality of digital urbanization. HSSCMM warrants scrutiny, not laments.

Stephen E Arnold, May 19, 2019


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