Factualities for May 22, 2019

May 22, 2019

Ah, the beauty, the power, the allure of numbers. Remember. Every number has a person behind it. Within that person may be mathematical and other skills. Do round numbers make you suspicious?

$2.5 billion. Size of cloud gaming market in 2023. Source: Venture Beat

414,000,000. Number of pieces of plastic scientists “found” on a remote island. Source: Live Science

95 percent. The decline in activist hacking. Source: Engadget

69 percent. The increase in Web site and hacking. Source: Dark Reading

380. Number of submarine cables. 100. Number of submarine cables in the control of Huawei. Source: Axios

483,300. Number of shares of Amazon Warren Buffet owns. Source: Business Insider

735,000. Number of fraudulently obtained IP addresses revoked. Source: CircleID

4,629. Number of organized crime groups in the UK. Source: The Guardian

2038. The year in which electric vehicles overtake gasoline powered cars. Source: Quartz

51 percent. The percentage of marketers who think they are sending low value content. Source: Search Engine Journal

5. Number of hacker services which actually took action from a pool of 27 black hatters. Source: ZDNet

3 percent. Percentage of Americans who can pass a basic security test. Source: Dark Reading

100 percent. The security of a Google account with an attached mobile phone number. Only bots thwarted. Source: ZDNet

Stephen E Arnold, May 22, 2019


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