Restaurant AI Has A Lot of Security Baggage

June 13, 2019

It might sound harmless, when we hear news of the food industry getting involved in AI to dial in dishes and accommodate our palettes. But if you are a bad guy, that looks a lot different. It looks like a buffet. We learned more about the odd risks that could crop up from such AI use from a recent Venture Beat story, “Ex-Googler Alon Chen’s Tastewise Uses AI to Identify and Predict Food Trends.”

According to the story:

“Using AI to predict food trends and stir up new recipes is nothing new, of course. IBM recently announced that it’s teaming up with McCormick & Company to create new flavors and foods with machine learning. IBM’s Chef Watson, a research project that sought to create new recipes by analyzing the chemical composition of hundreds of different ingredients, produced more than 10,000 novel recipes.”

Believe it or not, security agencies are using the same logic that the above organizations are using to predict eating patterns to predict criminal patterns. However, if you fear this is veering us closer to “Minority Report” status, you are not alone. Many experts are thinking about how to use this technology to fight crime, but still maintain human rights. A tricky proposition.

Patrick Roland, June 13, 2019


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