So You Wanna Be a Start Up Winner?

June 18, 2019

Many people dream of becoming a start up winner. Good news. Now you have road maps to follow.

First, navigate to Chagency (not Change Agency, just close enough to make the name interesting) and click through the curated library of venture capital pitch decks. You can get ideas and perhaps some verbiage to increase the amount of money the investment firms will deliver to your door step.

Second, when it comes time to sell, you can navigate to this CNBC story and get the inside scoop on terms sheets.

There may be some rumors about the likelihood of failure. Those are just rumors. Are those who fund you likely to get angry? Not too much. What about the company acquiring your start up reaction when its investment tanks? Nah, no big deal.

Take flight to Moneyland.

Stephen E Arnold, June 18, 2019


One Response to “So You Wanna Be a Start Up Winner?”

  1. Ch Daniel on June 18th, 2019 7:33 am

    Stephen, thanks for sharing our library of curated startups. If anyone ever has any question/wants to start a discussion, feel free to reach out!

    And I hope the library will help

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