Factualities for June 19, 2019

June 19, 2019

I must congratulate the purveyors of “real” news. Even though my screen time was limited for various, unexciting reasons, I did spot some fantastic numbers. Herewith I present some of the more fascinating data generated by the great minds fiddling with Excel and soon Salesforce with Tableau analytics. I am looking forward to those numerical confections. Let’s go, Salesforce.

-20. The percent decrease in cash flow if a British company does not implement artificial intelligence. (Note: There was no definition of artificial intelligence in the write which makes the number more special.) Source: Telegraph

10. The percentage of graphic liners in a UK nuclear plant reactor which have cracked; that is, failed. Source: BBC

13. Percentage of UK adults who trust big tech firms handling health data. Source: Techerati

18. The number of minutes it takes a New York Times’ reporter to read Facebook’s privacy policy. Source: New York Times

46. Age in years of the Department of Education’s computer system. Source: GAO

60. Percentage of “meat” which will come  in 2040 from laboratories, not formerly alive animals. Source: Big Think

67. The percentage of UK doctors who find patient feedback negative. Source: Health Care IT News

94.5. Percentage of software vulnerabilities not exploited by bad actors. Source: ZDNet

2,300 to 12,594. Number of nitrite attributable cancers, possibly due to US drinking water. Note: Maybe a year, maybe more time. Source: Science Direct

$10,000. Cost of repairing a MacBook Pro screen which was not broken. (Software setting issue). Source: The Register

187,000. The number of users from whom Facebook collected data via an app Apple banned. Source: Techcrunch

7.7 million. Number of Lab Corp customers who experienced data loss due to the collection firm’s failed security system. Source: Krebs

$39 million. The cost of a gallon of scorpion venom healing compound. Source: Stanford

2.4 billion. Number of online game players worldwide. Source: Vox

$47 billion. The amount of money Google earned from news. Source: Free Press Journal

$52 million. Cost of a trip to the International Space Station. Source: Wired

Stephen E Arnold, June 19, 2019


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