Factualities for July 10, 2019

July 10, 2019

Ah, those numbers. Quite a range of mostly unsubstantiated, unverified, and marketing confections. Here’s a post holiday selection.

Forever. The amount of time Amazon retains Alexa data. Source: TechShout

2. Number of Apple iCloud outages in 2019. Source: The Verge

5. The percentage of revenue participating publishers receive from Apple News Plus. Source: Mac Rumors

8. Number of correct matches between persons of interest and surveillance and mug shot photos. How many suspects did the automated system suggest? 42. Engadget says that the error rate is only 81 percent. Sources: The Register and Engadget

8. Number of Hong Kong protestors arrested. How many potential arrestees were there? A couple of million. Source: Security Week

10. Number of years D-Link will be subject to US government audits. Source: The Verge

11. Number of hours Facebook and some of its services were not online on July 3, 2019. Source: The Verge

25 percent. Percentage of people in a sample of 10,000 who want the government to be responsible for cyber security. Source: Info Security Magazine

27. Number of months a bad actor will spend for launching denial of service attacks on online game services. Source: ZDNet

50 percent. Percentage of enterprises which believe security cannot keep up with cloud adoption. Source: Symantec

80. Number of app takedown requests for 770 Apple app store applications.  in the second half of 2018. Source: Engdget

84 percent. Percentage of “respondents” in an NPR IBM survey who are more angry today than one generation ago. Love those IBM Watson outputs. Source: A Tweet

200. Multiply the dose of radiation that would kill a humanoid by this number. Mold survives. Man doesn’t. Source: Sciencemag.org

219. Years a UCLA professor will spend in jail for selling China US secrets. Source: Newsweek

2,176. Number of miles a “young Arctic fox” walked from Norway’s Svalbard Islands to northern Canada. Source: BBC

8,500. Number of patents Intel is auctioning off after stepping away from its 5G modem business. Source: Biz Journals (This is a begging for dollars site.)

25,000. Number of engineers Microsoft has working on github. Source: Jeff Wilcox Blog

550,000. The number of faults at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Source: BBC

$1 billion. TikTok’s advertising spend in 2018. Source: Wall Street Journal (pay wall in place)

2 billion. The number of “records” exposed in a smart home breach. Source: SEC Alerts

Stephen E Arnold, July 10, 2019


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