Google and Privacy: Quote to Note

July 21, 2019

Google and privacy. Sounds good. Like ham and cheese, bacon and eggs, cyber and space. “Google Is Stopping Websites From Tracking Users in Incognito” revealed “Google said it will stop websites from being able to identify whether you’re browsing using its private incognito mode in a forthcoming browser update.”

Allegedly Google said:

‘People choose to browse the web privately for many reasons. Some wish to protect their privacy on shared or borrowed devices, or to exclude certain activities from their browsing histories,’ said Google in a statement. ‘We want you to be able to access the web privately, with the assurance that your choice to do so is private as well.’

Why wouldn’t everyone believe Google after its brilliant, unflustered testimony in which the company’s spokes human refused to commit to a third party audit. See “Google Executive Refuses to Commit to Independent Audit During Senate Hearing.”

Are you a doubter? DarkCyber believes everything it reads on the Internet, including Facebook, Google, and IBM content. Google just revealed that it is going to achieve quantum supremacy this year.

Oh, one minor question: Does that apply to Google’s tracking of its users?

Believe it.

Stephen E Arnold, July 21, 2019


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