Factualities, July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019

There were not too many facts for the DarkCyber team to extract from the Facebook Versa hearing. Bummer. We did find a few, including the craziest Factuality of the week.

$152 billion. Revenue from game streaming in 2019. Source: Fortune Magazine

Here are other numerical gems we spotted in the last week. Read on.

7. The number of stalkerware apps (downloaded 130,000 times by consumers) removed from the Google Play Store by Google itself. Source: 9to5 Google

10. Number of months Google’s blog management tool survived before termination with extreme prejudice. Source: Android Police

40. The increase in hate speech on 4chan in the last 12 months. Source: Vice

50. The percentage of time “older” Americans spend alone. (Note: No data about the presence of a mobile phone owned by this group.) Source: Pew Research

68. Percentage of information technology managers who cannot keep up with cyber attacks. Source: OodaLoop

1,000. Number of private conversations record via Google Assistant leaked. Source: CNBC

1,500. Number of digital textbooks Pearson (which once owned a wax museum) will be digital first. Source: BBC

3,200. Number of changes to “search” Google made in 2018. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

700,000. Number of podcasts available at this time. Source: New York Times

$1,800,000. Amount bad actors demand from a college compromised by ransomware. Source: Naked Security

$10,000,000. Amount a now-former Microsoft engineer stole via customer fraud. Source: The Register

13,000,000. Number of daily users of Microsoft’s Slack clone service. Source: Slashdot

63,000,000. Number of Amazon Prime members as of July 2019. Source: ZDNet

$301,000,000. Amount stolen per month via business email compromises. We find the “1” a nice touch. It communicates accuracy. Source: Bleeping Computer

1,000,000,000. Number of installs of Word on Android OS mobile phones. Source: MSPowerUser

$4,500,000,000. Size of Google Venture’s arm. Source: Business Insider

$14,300,000,000. Size of the consumer drone market in 2029. Note: This is one tenth the size of today’s game streaming market. Source: Reuters

$45,000,000,000. Cost of financial crime in 2018. Source: Dark Reading

We still admire the “one” in the estimate of losses from phishing. Precision is good, especially when a “one” is involved.

Stephen E Arnold, July 24, 2019


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