Factualities for July 31, 2019

July 31, 2019

Heat is making some numericists stumble from the pool to the bar and back to the pool.

The craziest number we spotted in the last week is:

$989,000,000. The amount of money spent on Alphabet Google “moon shot” projects in the last 12 weeks. In the same period, one year ago, the Googlers spent “only” $732,000,000 in 12 weeks. No payoffs from these “investments” yet. Source: Engadget

There were some other interesting numbers, including this gem:

(42%). Gartner’s prediction for the coming price decrease in DRAM pricing. One DRAM dollar today will cost $0.58 soon, real soon. Source: Tech.net

Here are others the DarkCyber team jotted down:

0. Number of bad actors captured in an Amazon assisted Colorado police sting designed to snag package thieves. Source: Techdirt

15. Numbers of workers who went on strike on Amazon Prime Day. Source: Business Insider (may be paywalled).

24. Number of months from today when Intel will deliver 7 nanometer chips. Note: AMD has been shipping 7 nm chips for more than a month. Source: Techquila

45. Average age of a successful startup’s founder. Source: Harvard

66. Percentage of small business owners who believe their businesses are safe from cyber attacks. Source: TechRadar

1,000. Number of private conversations Google’s partners leaked from Google Assistant. Source: Slashdot

10,000. Alleged number of crypto currency holders the IRS is tracking down. Source: Seattle Times

12,500. Number of student identities stolen in a Lancaster University breach. Source: The Register

600,000. Number of daily Tor users in Russia. Source: BBC

1,000,000. The number of hours Google Loon balloons have been aloft. Source: CNet

1,000,000. Number of TV customers AT&T lost after boosting its price for dish service. Source: Arstechnica

$2,848,975.50 The amount lost to cyber crime every minute, an estimate output by TechRadar

$3,920,000. Cost of a data breach. Rate of increase in incidents: +12 percent over five years. Source: ZDNet

$4,533,333. Amount of money lost by Tesla every 24 hours over the last 90 days. Source: Arstechnica

23,000,000. Number of stolen credits being traded / sold on the Dark Web. Source: ZDNet

$700,000,000. Equifax data malfeasance fine. Source: CRN

2.3 billion. Number of files exposed online now. Source: Digital 3Munition

Stephen E Arnold, July 31, 2019


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