Google Petitions: Like a High School Student Council Campaign

August 15, 2019

Is DarkCyber is getting tired of Googlers who protest Google? Not. The antics are amusing. Has anyone said, “Hey, high schoolers, you took the job. You get money. You are not running the company”?

I read “Google Employees Refuse to Be Complicit in Border Agency Cloud Contract.” The petition, the protests, and the rest of the adolescent antics are getting stale.

I learned:

In a petition circulated today inside Google and on Medium, a group of employees said immigration officials are “perpetrating a system of abuse and malign neglect” at the border. The employees point to the Trump administration’s family separation policy and the recent deaths of children in immigration officials’ custody. “These abuses are illegal under international human rights law, and immoral by any standard,” the petition reads. In the hours after it was released, hundreds of employees added their signatures to the petition.

Are the Googlers unaware of the AI institute in China? Are Googlers aware of the YouTubers who find themselves marginalized? Are Googlers fighting for small companies whose Google traffic disappears overnight? Are Googlers worrying about Android malware? Are Googlers concerned about their contributions to assisting a system which defines reality for grade school children?

There are quite a few problems at the GOOG. Approaching them the way a candidate for a high school student council seat is not likely to be effective.

Why not quit? Why not run for office and work for change? Why not get out of the hypocritical position of accepting a paycheck and demanding that a commercial enterprise change because you don’t like competing for government contracts.

Quick tip: Anduril is thrilled with your high school student campaign.

And a question for Google personnel: “When are you going to do quit your job and embrace the stand up comedy opportunity?” You can sell merch and turn down gigs at military bases too.

Stephen E Arnold, August 15, 2019


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