Grover and Real Fake News

August 27, 2019

The Next Web reported, “This Terrifying AI Generates Fake Articles from Any News Site.” Now, the point here is to create an AI that can easily detect fake news, but researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence began with one that could generate such content. Basically, it takes one to know one. We learn:

“A team of researchers at the institute recently developed Grover, a neural network capable of generating fake news articles in the style of actual human journalists. In essence, the group is fighting fire with fire because the better Grover gets at generating fakes, the better it’ll be at detecting them. … Most fake news is generated by humans and then spread on social media. But the rise of robust systems such as OpenAI’s controversial GPT-2 point toward a future where AI-generated articles are close enough to the real thing to obfuscate nearly any issue. While it’s easy enough to search a website to see if an article is legitimate, not everyone is going to do that. And if an article goes viral, no matter how false it is, some people will be convinced.”

Writer Tristan Greene shares some passages Grover wrote, so see the article if you wish to read those. They are pretty convincing, especially if one just skims the text (as many readers do).. One example aptly mimics President Obama’s writing/ speaking style, while another seems to spook Greene with how well it captures his own writing essence. The article concludes with this link, where each of us can take Grover for a test drive. Modern life is fun.

Cynthia Murrell, August 27, 2019


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