Just Like Amazon: Prepackaged AI Available from Microsoft

September 16, 2019

Fast food computer software got its start with Microsoft Windows and Bill Gates was the short order cook. Technology has certainly become user friendlier, although programming, coding, and the more advanced functions remain special orders on the technology menu. Forbes describes how Microsoft wants to continue its fast food services with a brand new idea that could make it the go to name for AI, “Microsoft Offers ‘Premade’ No-Code Artificial Intelligence.”

Quick serve software and technology is not a new concept, but making AI follow the same route as an OS is conventional. Microsoft is the most used to system for most businesses in the western world and now it wants to offer its customers AI capabilities through its Power Platform. The Power Platform combines Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, and Flowing into one platform. Flow is a powerful function, because it allows non-technical users to create/automate workflows that span multiple apps and services. One new tool in the Microsoft Power Platform concerns AI development:

“Newest among the Microsoft Power Platform goodies is Microsoft AI Builder, a no-code AI capability which also supports integrations with PowerApps and Flow. Microsoft AI Builder is (if you hadn’t guessed from the name) a means of shortcutting to almost ‘premade’ AI tasks that enterprises often need in regularly occurring business situations. It takes common AI scenarios and provides point-and-click solutions for app makers to solve everyday tasks like forms processing, object detection and text and binary classification.”

Microsoft AI Builder will be useful to manufacturing, banking, hospitality, retail, and other industries that require real-time customer feedback.

The Microsoft Power Platform allows users to build high grade AI based tools and other functions that would usually require an IT expert to develop.

Whitney Grace, September 16, 2019


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