Oracle Is Streamlining Its Brands

September 19, 2019

When Apple rehired Steve Jobs to save the floundering company, Jobs returned to with a minimalist mentality. He told a shocked group of employees that instead of offering every type of Apple computer with bells, whistles, and ice-cream, there would be a limited number. From this limited number, consumers could choose which Apple worked for them and Apple would be able to concentrate on building the best product on the market. Oracle is taking a page from Jobs’s minimalist book, because ZDNet shares how, “Oracle Analytics: Honing 18+ Products Down To A Single Brand.”

Oracle is one of the most recognized and trusted names in business intelligence. The company has grown so much with products and acquisitions that its hard drive runneth over with names and brands. Oracle rebranded its BI and data analytics with the Oracle Analytics moniker. Oracle is now run by Bruno Aziza and T.K. Anand, both worked in Microsoft’s BI department. They described Oracle Analytics as three pillars:

“Oracle Analytics Cloud will encompass all stand-alone cloud analytics and will serve as the flagship offering

Oracle Analytics Server encompasses all stand-alone on-premises analytics, and is essentially a reboot of OBIEE

Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications will cover analytics in service of Oracle’s many business applications”

The rebranding will encompass classic analytics and new features, particularly taking advantage of natural language processing. There is a new integrated user experience with self-service data discovery, reporting, fancy dashboards, and multi-device usage.

Oracle promises to bring the same, reliable service, except better and more intuitive for BI enterprises. Oracle spoke about NLP, but did not say much about AI or machine learning. There is probably some AI in Oracle Analytics, but the rebranding has kept any new developments for a later announcement.

Whitney Grace, September 19, 2019


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