Enterprise Search: Two Interesting Assertions

September 23, 2019

Judging from the uptick in the estimates of the size of the enterprise search market, the “find documents” purveyors are generating public relations outputs.

Two items DarkCyber found interesting:

LucidWorks occupies a position of distinction. The company is the “sole visionary” in the enterprise search universe. According to “one of the world’s leading independent technology research and advisory firms,” LucidWorks — now check this wording — “LucidWorks believes its strong product offering and clear understanding of the needs of enterprise buyers in the Insight Engine market will enable the company to serve a wide variety of industries well into the future.” For more of this “alone at the top” razzmatazz, navigate to this Yahoo news item.

The second item is a bit more modest. Economic Times reported this fascinating factoid:

iQuanti is rapidly building its customer success and solutions teams in the region to activate its growth plans. Meanwhile, globally, iQuanti’s patented enterprise search channel platform ALPS was named the second-best search software in the U.S by the Drum Search Awards in 2018. ALPS uses proprietary data science and machine learning models to build predictive enterprise-level roadmaps that deliver strong ROI. iQuanti has also featured in the 2019 Inc. list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, for a record fifth time.

DarkCyber assumes that the top search engine is LucidWorks.

Now you know or maybe not.

Stephen E Arnold, September 23, 2019



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