Will the Real Disintermediating Entity Step Forward?

October 3, 2019

Big Microsoft day. It’s back in the mobile phone business. Sometime next year, probably coincident with a delayed Win 10 update, the Microsoft Surface Dual Screen Folding Android Phone becomes available. You can get the scoop and one view of Microsoft’s “we’re in phones again strategy” in “Microsoft’s Future Is Built on Google Code.” Do I agree? Of course not, that’s my method: Find other ways to look at an announcement.

The write up posits:

Google underpins Microsoft’s browser and mobile OS now.

I noted this statement as well:

… it could come as quite a shock that the CEO of Microsoft doesn’t care that much about operating systems. But there it is, in black and white. Microsoft obviously isn’t abandoning Windows — it announced a new version of it today — but it matters much more to Microsoft that you use its services like Office. That’s where the money is, after all.

Money. A phone that is not here?

But there’s another side to Microsoft. Amazon, the evil enemy, makes it possible run Microsoft on the AWS platform.

Now who is going to disintermediate whom?

Will Google get frisky and nuke Microsoft’s Android love?

Will Amazon just push MSFT SQLServer and other Microsoft innovations off the AWS platform and suck up the MSFT business.

Will Microsoft find that loving two enemies is more a management hassle than getting a Windows 10 server out the door?

Will Amazon and Google escalate their skirmishes and take actions that miss one enemy and plug the Redmond frenemy?

The stakes are high. Microsoft has done a pivot with an double backflip.

Perfect 10 or broken foot? Enron tried something like Microsoft’s approach. The landing was bumpy. The cloud may not cushion a lousy landing.

Stephen E Arnold, October 3, 2109


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