Hot Buzzword: Continuous Intelligence

October 11, 2019

No, I don’t know what “continuous intelligence” means. When I worked at Booz, Allen, one of the presidents from that era remarked to me, “I have a sixth sense for great jargon.” That fellow, James Farley, would have embraced “continuous intelligence.” The phrase sounds good. It is metaphorical. It could support a new practice area.

I heard the word at the TechnoSecurity & Digital Forensics Conference. I am not sure which session speaker dropped the phrase. Maybe Cisco’s and Coalfire’s? At the time, I noted the phrase but did not think much about it.

This morning it surfaced again in “Clear the Path to Continuous Intelligence with Machine Learning, Consultancy Urges.” Not a Booz, Allen pitch which is interesting. The jargon outputters are from ThoughtWorks.

The write up defines the phrase “continuous intelligence” this way:

… The continuous intelligence state: This is where CD4ML platform thinking and a data DevOps culture become the norm. This is “continuous delivery for data,” the ThoughtWorks team explains. “As data scientists create more refined and accurate models, they can easily deploy these into production as replacements for prior models. Being able to create products which learn and complete the intelligence cycle in a continuous fashion is what sets this stage apart. The loops become more seamless and most of the hurdles are removed. Loops become tighter and faster with more use and more experimentation, which is a key indicator of the health of intelligence cycle.”

Got it? If not, a mid tier consulting firm will assist you as you travel the learning curve. A conference opportunity? Absolutely.

“Continuous intelligence” has arrived.

Stephen E Arnold, October 11, 2019


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