The Chernobyl Control Rooms of the Digital Era

October 11, 2019

A minor error. Chernobyl melted down. Radiation galore. According to Red Ferret (great name!), a motivated individual can now tour the control room of that nuclear plant. For details, navigate to “Chernobyl Control Room – You Can Now Go Inside the Infamous Site.” [Note: This story has an interesting url. If the link doesn’t work, I am not sure a Bing, Google, or Yandex query will point to the source.]

My thought is, “Will those in the future visit the offices in which major companies took decisions that are Chernobyl-like in their impact?”

Here are a handful of examples of future tour destinations which might become vacations of the future:

  • The office in which Tim Cook at Apple decided to explain that Apple was making an independent, objective decision about an app. This app informed iPhone users of Hong Kong police movements. For details, see the Guardian.
  • The office at Google where executives made the decision that the would endanger lives. See the paywalled Wall Street Journal here.
  • The work area of the person who “secretly” recorded Mark Zuckerberg explaining that he would go to the mats to fight the breakup of Facebook. See Bloomberg’s story here.

A new way to boost revenue for the whiz bang tech companies?

Could be.

Stephen E Arnold, October 11, 2019


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