NSO Group and Facebook: An Escalation

November 27, 2019

Workers at Israeli Surveillance Firm NSO Sue Facebook for Blocking Private Accounts” adds some zest to the dust up between the digital country of Facebook and a company which develops policeware. Facebook’s WhatsApp accused NSO of fiddling with content of the encrypted messaging service.

Reuters reports:

NSO employees said Facebook had imposed a “collective punishment” by choosing to block their private accounts due to the legal process Facebook is conducting against NSO. They also said their lawsuit came only after they made repeated requests to Facebook that went unanswered. “Blocking our private accounts is a hurtful and unjust move by Facebook,” the statement said. “The idea that personal data was searched for and used is very disturbing to us”.

In this legal battle of a digital nation and a software and services company, whose lawyers will prevail?

Worth monitoring because policeware (software and services for law enforcement) and intelware (software and services for intelligence agencies) is rarely in the news.

Will the story have legs or will the legal eagles nibble at these entities patellas? Maybe crippling one or both?

Stephen E Arnold, November 27, 2019


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