Alphabet Google: Bail Out Time

December 5, 2019

The future of Alphabet Google is online advertising. Oh, there’s one other challenge rushing toward the company: Litigation.

Who is the new face for lawyers from most of the US states and a clutch of other countries? Sundar Pichai. You can get the Googley story in “A Letter from Larry and Sergey.”

Several observations:

  1. The legal scrutiny is not likely to be gentle and sweet. The good night may not be so good.
  2. The likelihood a change from high school science club management to a more McKinsey-like approach will produce some interesting disruptions. Fire people before Thanksgiving? Just a warm up, gentle reader.
  3. The “new” Google will be stripped of its down home Backrub charm. The influence of Indian high school and IIT will be significant.

Exciting? Probably. Good for lawyers. Absolutely? What about those mom and pop businesses that depend on Google for revenue? Amazon and TikTok are looking better each day.

Stephen E Arnold, December 5, 2019


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