Google Scores Big in a Decade of Failures

December 23, 2019

The trendy Verge identified “The 84 Biggest Flops, Fails, and Dead Dreams of the Decade in Tech.” The importance of the story warranted capital letters. Shouting “Failure” is cool, is it not?

I scanned the list and noted these entries for Google.

  1. Google Nexus Q—A media streamer from the online ad outfit
  2. Google Reader—An RSS reader that worked
  3. Google Fiber—Yeah, but I got a T shirt for the defunct Louisville service
  4. Google Barge—Data centers outside of country’s legal limits
  5. Google+—The future of Google that wasn’t. Orkut is missed among some interesting supporters in Brazil even now
  6. Google Tango—A virtual reality middle school science club project
  7. Google Daydream—A virtual reality high school science club project
  8. Android tablets—Sluggish? For sure
  9. Essential phone—Not really Google, but the Xoogler behind it and the Google exit? Priceless
  10. Google Project Ara—A grade school science club project
  11. Google smart watch—Yeah, super
  12. Google messaging strategy—Pre-school science club projects
  13. Google Glass—One Googler Glass professional needed therapy after using the device

This means that one company appears to contribute more failures, flops, and foolhardy actions than any other firm in the ken of the Verge’s failure team.

Good work, Verge failure team. Great work, Google. The next decade will be even better and more relevant than the last 10 years we assume.

Stephen E Arnold, December 23, 2019


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