A Reminder about Malware

December 25, 2019

Digital information systems are faster, more reliable, take up less space, and offer greater insights than paper systems. The one great thing about paper systems, however, is they are immune to malware infestations. Chiapas Parlelo delves into how cyber criminals are using malware to extort money from businesses in the article, “Cyber Criminals: Network Harassment And Extortion Of Large Companies Through Malware.”

A growing cyber crime is uploading malware into a company’s network, then hackers usurp control of the network and hold it for ransom. If the company refuses to pay the ransom, the hackers threaten to destroy or post the information, often it is sensitive and private. Malware is one of the biggest types of cyber crime in Mexico, but it is one among many that includes financial, child pornography, and sexually explicit photos (usually with women). Other crimes are smaller in nature, such as the removal of a few pesos from an account or credit car scams. Cyber crimes cost Mexico three billion dollars in 2016.

The amount of cyber crimes continue to rise, but the best way to not be a victim is to take preventative measures:

“One of the main approaches to cyber criminology is prevention…the importance of basic care measures to avoid being the victim of an attack. He also mentioned that, beyond taking care of the privacy settings of what is shared, special attention should be paid to the content.”

People need cybercrime literacy. It is similar to teaching children not to speak with strangers or follow a person down a dark alley. Educate yourself and it will knock a large portion of the attacks.

Whitney Grace, December 25, 2019


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