Mobile Security: Bad News, Consumer

January 1, 2020

An online information service called Hindu Business Line has become a source for amusing digital information. Consider the factoids included in “Most People Are Not Aware of Malware on Their Mobile’.” A word of caution, the Web page may redirect some users to a malicious site, which makes the information just so much more special.

Here are some of the factoids:

  • 23 percent of organizations in Indian run a risk of malware attacks. (DarkCyber thinks that the risk is much higher because malware is a growth business and most users are clueless when it comes to preventing and neutralizing mobile centric malware. Example: The page for this content.)
  • It takes about a year for a person to realize that a mobile device has been affected. (DarkCyber thinks that most users dispose of their mobile phone before the malware has been discovered.)
  • Globally 25 million devices are infected. (DarkCyber wants to point out that there are about 4.5 billion mobile phones globally. Source: Statista. The 25 million number seems quite modest and probably wildly off the mark.)
  • Google had 16 apps on its store which were malware mechanisms. (DarkCyber wants to remind its gentle readers that these are apps Google said it knew about. The real number of malware apps is not known by users and Google is not a Chatty Cathy on this subject.)

Yep, great article. Outstanding in fact.

Stephen E Arnold, January 1, 2020


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