Crypto Currencies In Japan

January 22, 2020

As one of the most highly technological nations in the world, Japan is a prime market for crypto currencies. Japanese law enforcement officials want to keep crypto currencies on the straight and narrow, so it is no wonder that crypto analytics companies recently hired Japanese CEOs and attracted more Japanese investors. The companies in question are the top three crypto analytics companies: Elliptic, Bitfury, and Chainalysis. Medium delves into the details behind crypto currencies in Japan with the article, “Crypto Investigates Tools In Japan-A Marketplace Analysis.”

Contrary to how it used to be, Bitcoin transactions are traceable, especially with Elliptic, Bitfury, and Chainalysis. Chainalysis appointed Kenji Sugawara as head of the Japanese division. The company’s main product lines are investigating software Reactor that traces blockchains, KYT (Know Your Transaction)-automated crypto currency monitoring software, and Kryptos vets new opportunities and risks in crypto currencies.

Elliptic placed Ken Yagami as head of its Japanese outlet and the company raised $23 million in Series B funding. The funding series was to expand into the Asian market. Elliptic’s main product is Discovery, which helps banks identify and assess risks posed by crypto currencies.

Bitfury hired Katsuya Konno as head of its Japanese operations. The advertising firm Dentsu invested in a 2018 funding round. Unlike the other crypto analytics companies, Bitfury makes hardware and software. Its hardware is designed to keep blockchains secure and its software Exonum-a private blockchain framework, uses its Crystal Blockchain, an advanced analytics platform.

While these are the top three crypto analytics companies in Asia, Merkle Science from Singapore and Uppsala Security with its Threat intelligence Platform called Sentinel Protocol are trying to win part of the markets. Asia is hard to crack:

“While the company appears to focus initially on the South East Asian markets, a Japan market entry does not seem too far-fetched, but obviously the “Big Three” have set the bar quite high in terms of organizational structure, local leadership and Japanese investor base.”

Asia is a hotbed for crypto currency activity, especially China. Japan has one of the strongest Asian economies and as a country heavily invested in advanced technology it needs to be monitor the crypto currencies.

Whitney Grace, January 15, 2020


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