Trovicor Acquired

February 21, 2020

Information online suggests that Trovicor, a lawful intercept and specialized services company, has been acquired. One source (Clairfield) identifies the purchasers as the French firm Boss Industries, which may be a red herring. Another source (Intelligence Online, which is paywalled, thank you very much) says that the buyer is Nexa Technologies. Trovicor operates from Dubai, a city which is on the path to displacing Herliya, Israel, as the Silicon Valley of intelware and policeware.

Why the confusion? No idea.

DarkCyber’s sources suggest that the owner of Trovicor is Nexa Technologies. Nexa has an office in Dubai, and the firm has been working to create an “alliance” or “tie up” among other specialized services companies called Intellexa. Those mentioned as part of the Nexa “alliance” are Senpai Technologies and WiSpear. Nexa offers some well regarded audio surveillance capabilities. Other capabilities of Nexa are likely to include:

Network Intelligence – remote intelligence collection and production solutions based on a range of data sources

Lawful intercept – Mobile phone centric and WiFi data

Cyber Intelligence services – Malware, OSINT

InSight Data Fusion and Analytics systems – Text processing and analysis

OverSight – Administrative modules (Source: Varindia)

Nexa may have put the allegations that it sold surveillance equipment to countries on a “do not sell to” list. The investigation, according to Corpwatch,  was allegedly

an expansion of an ongoing investigation of Amesys, which was a unit of Bull International SAS in France, for the 2007 sale of a surveillance system named Eagle GLINT to the Gaddafi regime in Libya, for approximately $25 million. The investigation was initiated in the summer of 2011 after FIDH and LDH lodged a complaint alleging that Eagle GLINT enabled widespread oppression and human and civil rights violations of in Libya between 2007 and 2011.

Is Trovicor going to help Nexa challenge the leaders in specialized services?

Possibly. A more realistic scenario is to compete for the steadily increasing funds allocated to deal with threats to nation states by actors antagonist to these sovereignties. Displacing firms like BAE Systems, NSO, and Verint may be a challenge.

Stephen E Arnold, February 21, 2020


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