DOJ Suggestions for Threat Research and Cyber Intelligence Gathering

March 13, 2020

DarkCyber spotted “Legal Considerations when Gathering Online Cyber Threat Intelligence and Purchasing Data from Illicit Sources.” The Department of Justice has assembled what a mini best practices for those who are gathering certain types of cyber security information; for example, Dark Web fora.

The document states:

The application of federal criminal law to activities occurring online can be complicated.

That should be a yellow warning signal to those who embark on digital journeys into certain parts of the datasphere. The document provides some information about different ways to gather information from online discussion groups.

Online storefronts can appear to provide a way to purchase products or services which, in some jurisdictions, are problematic.

The document is informative and, in DarkCyber’s opinion, a useful contribution to the literature related to obtaining threat intelligence.

Net net: Don’t intentionally or unintentionally become what some authorities would consider a criminal. Plus, any spelunking in certain areas of the datasphere can change a curious eager beaver into a target for bad actors.

Stephen E Arnold, March 13, 2020


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