A Term to Understand: Geofencing

March 25, 2020

DarkCyber has reported in its twice-a-month video news program about companies providing specialized geofencing solutions; for example, our go-to touchstone Geofeedia and others like PredPol. You can find these programs by searching DarkCyber on YouTube or Vimeo.

A news story from a “trusted” source reports “Taiwan’s New Electronic Fence for Quarantines Leads Wave of Virus Monitoring.” The “first” means, DarkCyber assumes, refers to a publicized use of a large-scale geofencing operation applied to numerous citizens.

When you read the story, several questions come to mind which the “trusted” story does not touch upon:

  • What vendors provide the geofencing solution in Taiwan and the other countries mentioned in the write up?
  • What technologies are used in addition to the latitude, longitude, time stamp data generated by mobile devices connected to or pinging a “network”?
  • What additional software systems are used to make sense of the data?
  • How long has the infrastructure in Taiwan and the other countries mentioned been in operation?
  • What was the ramp up time?
  • What was the cost of the system?
  • What other applications does the Taiwan system support at this time? In the near future?
  • Are special data handling and security procedures required?

News is one thing. Event A happened. Factoids without context leave questions unanswered. Does one trust an absence of information? DarkCyber does. Of course. Obviously.

Stephen E Arnold, March 25, 2020


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