Microsoft Azure: A Capacity Problem?

March 27, 2020

In a conversation earlier this week, an expert in Microsoft Azure pointed out that Azure, despite its technical challenges, was pretty good at billing.

There are other challenges at Microsoft too. How about those Windows 10 updates, bugs, and delays?

The Register reports that there is another Microsoft hitch in the gitalong. “Azure Appears to Be Full” states:

Customers of Microsoft’s Azure cloud are reporting capacity issues such as the inability to create resources and associated reliability issues.

And what about Microsoft Teams, which is another attempt by Microsoft to pile more utensils in its digital kitchen sink. The article includes this paragraph:

Is it possible that resource capacity allocated to Teams is affecting customers of other kinds of resource? We have asked Microsoft for any information it can share and will report back.

Is Microsoft up to the task of becoming the go to vendor for the US government? Sure, good enough technology may be what the procurement system is designed to deliver.

But the company’s billing system seems to be working just fine.

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Stephen E Arnold, March 28, 2020


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