A Cheerleading Routine for AI

April 3, 2020

We have come across a good example of cheerleading with minimal facts. Rah rah for AI, cries the SmartData Collective in their write-up, “Experts Debunk the Biggest Myths About AI in Business.” Writer Sean Mallon begins by noting how fast the AI market is growing, which is indeed to be expected given recent developments (and hype). He declares the growth is due to businesses that comprehend how powerful a tool AI is. He writes:

“Companies are now increasing the adoption of this technology in a range of different industries, which covers diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance, marketing and more. Through the incorporation of AI, industries have seen major shifts in how they run. While the true potential of AI is now being recognized by businesses from all different sectors, many myths have floated around causing skepticism and unnecessary fear over this transformative technology. If AI is to reach its true potential in businesses across all industries, it’s important to explore, and further debunk, these common misconceptions.”

The piece magnanimously helps any reluctant companies see the light by deflating these “myths:” that AI steals jobs, that AI is hard to integrate, and, most dastardly, that AI may be unnecessary. On that last point, Mallon asserts:

“This is perhaps one of the biggest myths currently circulating around industries today, limiting businesses from unlocking their true potential. AI technology is increasingly becoming a part of daily life, especially in the business sector, boosting its productivity and furthering its growth and success. Companies everywhere are using AI to gain a competitive advantage, helping their business to work smarter and faster than those around them.”

For some, I’m sure that is the case; for others, not so much. Business is just too complex for such absolutes. As always, the best bet is to ignore the hype, know your organization’s needs and the capabilities of available software, and mix and match accordingly.

Cynthia Murrell, April 3, 2020


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