In Cobol News: Cloudflare Gets Interested in Revealing That It Is a Time Sharing Company

April 21, 2020

Legacy systems exist. This is perhaps big news for the recently unemployed Silicon Valley types. Some states are struggling to find Cobol programmers. IBM has rolled out Cobol training.

Cloudflare Workers Now Support Cobol” reports:

COBOL can now be used to write code for Cloudflare’s serverless platform Workers.

The write up provides a number of historical factoids, including sample code and a Game of Life example.

Quick thought: Has the mainframe returned to offer coding opportunities and a career path to the thumb typing millennials?

What’s next for Cloudflare? Lab coats, glass walls, and elevated floors, sign up sheets for keypunch machines, and greenbar paper?

Has cloud computing become a time shared mainframe?

PS. My first programming project relied on Cobol. That was in 1963. I also used Cobol for the Psychology Today / Intellectual Digest readability work I did in the 1970s. Am I relevant again? I miss JCL too.

Stephen E Arnold, April 18, 2020


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