Dark Web Marketplace Bans Fake Vaccine Sales

April 30, 2020

As the Internet’s underbelly, the dark web sells illegal drugs and weapons, child pornography, and one can even hire hit men. The dark web operates more on profit than a conscience. Inside Bitcoins, however, explains that there is one white knight out there: “Notable Dark Web Marketplace Bans COVID-19 Vaccine Sale.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have cracked down on brick and mortar as well as online retailers who jack up prices on important supplies: PPE, soap, hand sanitizer, bleach, disposable gloves, face masks, etc. They have also banned the sale of any so-called “cure” or “vaccine” for COVID-19. According to current health care news, there is not a cure for COVID-19. Health care professionals are actively researching for the cure, but it has not been discovered yet.

That does not mean people will not be fooled.

Monopoly Market is a popular dark web marketplace and it has banned the sale of any COVID-19 vaccines or cures. Since a cure does not exist right now, people could be buying and ingesting dangerous substances from the dark web. Other dark web marketplaces are not so ethical. So-called COVID-19 cures and vaccines are selling for hundreds of dollars.

It is nice to know that some black hat hackers are ethical:

“However, it’s also worth noting that Monopoly Market isn’t the only entity that has taken a stand against using the coronavirus to make money. Last month, popular cybersecurity blog Bleeping Computer confirmed that it had contacted seven ransomware operators concerning their plans for the virus. Two of those reportedly wrote back and confirmed that they won’t be targeting hospitals during the pandemic.”

While there are a few white knights, the majority of black hat hackers and dark web sellers do not care who they hurt as long as they can profit. Bad actors are bad actors, but one good act does not absolve them.

Whitney Grace, April 30, 2020


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