Enterprise Search Craziness: Destiny Adjacency

May 1, 2020

The enterprise search vendors are not to blame. The finger of ineptitude writes boldly:

Enterprise Search Market each qualitative and quantitative records analysis to provide an overview of the destiny adjacency around Enterprise Search Market for the forecast duration, 2020-2025.

You can read the original at this link. Enterprise search has tried a number of snappy phrases to make a utility the potent heart of a 21st century enterprise; for example:

  • Semantic meaning
  • Natural language processing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Precision, recall, and relevance. Yikes, delete those loser words.

DarkCyber believes that “destiny adjacency” is the all-time leader in the meaningless baloney fest that is pulled into the orbit of enterprise search.

Yep, “destiny adjacency”. Maybe a T shirt? A tattoo?

Stephen E Arnold, May 1, 2020


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