The Crazy Search Market Report: May 4, 2020 Edition

May 4, 2020

DarkCyber is pondering a new feature called “Crazy Search Report.” The “search” refers to enterprise search. The “crazy” refers to the assertions and marketing hoo-hah in news releases about the steady stream of in depth analysis of the market for enterprise search.

Yeah, I know that sounds crazy. Well, that’s why the crazy search report will be useful. We will identify the producer of the report and include some content from the news releases issued to cheerlead for these five figure “believe it or not” compilations.

Let’s look at the first report in the series.

This is called “Global Coronavirus Impact and Implications on Enterprise Search Market Research Report 2019 Analysis and Forecast To 2029.” The publicity was generated by something called on May 1, 2020.

Here’s the hook paragraph, that’s the one that will make you buy the report from Research Moz. Is this outfit in the same league as Bain, Booz, Allen, and McKinsey? You decide:

Companies in the Enterprise Search market are vying suggestive steps to tackle the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Exhaustive research about COVID-19 is providing present-day techniques and alternative methods to mitigate the impact on Coronavirus on the revenue of the Enterprise Search market.

The news release also talks about the enterprise search landscape. I remember writing a book, published by Pandia Press, called “The Landscape of Enterprise Search.” Happy coincidence maybe?

Are these some factoids to make you want to buy this report? Sure, for example:

…The report ponders over the various factors that are likely to impact the overall dynamics of the Enterprise Search market over the forecast period (20XX-20XX) including the current trends, business expansion opportunities and restraining factors amongst others. As per the market report suggested by, the global Enterprise Search market is expected to register a CAGR growth of ~XX% during the forecast period and attain a value of ~US$XX by the end of 20XX.

Okay, the numbers are left out. You have to pay before you get the alleged factoids. That definitely makes me lust after a copy not.

What’s interesting is the list of companies allegedly profiled and X-rayed in the document. Note: I alphabetized the company names, but the Moz outfit does not bother with this convention. My comments are in parentheses.

Attivio Inc (business intelligence maybe?)

Concept Searching Limited (Microsoft add in from far, far way from the US)

Coveo Corp (customer support and assorted buzzwords)

Dassault Systemes (product engineering search)

Expert System Inc (semantic utility, focus on mobile)

Google (not in the search business)

Hyland (ISYS Search which dates from the 1980s)

IBM Corp (Lucene plus Vivisimo plus home grown code and Watson. I can’t forget Watson.)

Lucid Work (Typo. The company’s name is Lucidworks.)

Micro Focus (Autonomy)

Oracle (Secure Enterprise Search, RightNow, Endeca, and others)

Marklogic Inc (XML database company with proprietary extensions)

Microsoft (Fast Search & Transfer plus assorted acquisitions and home grown tomfoolery)

SAP AG (Who knew?)

X1 Technologies (desktop search and eDiscovery originally from Idealab year ago)

How much is the report? The news release does not say, but we held our breath and clicked the Research Moz link and learned that the document costs $3,900.

That’s it. Crazy stuff for a crazy market sector.

Stephen E Arnold, May 4, 2020


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