Get Your Page to Be Number One: Tricks Worthy of Penn and Teller

May 7, 2020

The DarkCyber research team has been examining SEO  or search engine optimization in the time of Covid. The work has uncovered some interesting and quite unusual information.

Examples range from “Adapting Your SEO Strategy to Soften the Impact of COVID-19 on Organic Traffic” to “10 ways SEO Will Lead Companies Through COVID-19 Business Recovery.”

Even HP is manufacturing devices to help deal with the Covid crisis. IBM is putting the capable Jeopardy-winning Watson in the hand of Covid researchers. Plus Tesla is allegedly making medical devices. These are Covid crisis virtue signals with alleged substance.

But manipulating content to “soften the impact of Covid” and “business recovery.”

These two headlines underscore the intellectual black hole of search engine optimization. SEO’s informing idea is that one can shape content and index that content so that the content becomes number one in a Google search page.

But what if the content is incorrect, misinformed, or just plain wrong? What happens if SEO does not work?

Well, one can buy Google AdWords. There’s the magic link.

A good example of what’s in these articles which are hooking their ideas to the pandemic can be found on YouTube. Navigate to How to Get My Website on the First Page of Google. What’s displayed? Here’s the screenshot:


Yep, hustling a time-honored business practice.

This essentially sums up the knowledge value of SEO in a time of Covid. Very professional, informative, and just maybe a big hustle in our opinion.

Stephen E Arnold, May 7, 2020

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