DarkCyber for May 12, 2020: Web Tracking, Free Malware Appliance, Banjo Trouble, New Drones, and Mobile Location Spoofing

May 12, 2020

DarkCyber for May 12, 2020, is now available. You can view this program on YouTube or Vimeo. This week’s program covers the Banjo founder – KKK connection. SoftBank invested $100 million in the company. There has been a potential feature film project called Banjo Policeware: The Wrath of Khan. Two stories focus on surveillance of persons of interest. The first references allegations that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation uses faked Web pages or seized pages to obtain useful information about actors. Another story describes an open source malware analysis appliance. Unlike commercial solutions which cost thousands of dollars, the Phoenix appliance is available without charge. The appliance, which is a software wrapper around a number of tools, allows analysis and visualization of malware behavior. The program also includes a report about two new drones which can perform surveillance and data collection. The first is an autonomous system developed by AeroVironment. The second is DJI’s drone equipped with a 48 megapixel camera.

We are now producing two DarkCyber videos each month. We plan to release a short “special focus program” between our regular shows. Watch DarkCyber for details about this special report. Topics on the production schedule include the failure of cyber security solutions to protect Work From Home employees and contractors, search engine optimization fraud, and policeware marketing.

DarkCyber is produced by Stephen E Arnold and the DarkCyber research team. Tony S. has rejoined the group after a hiatus due to family responsibilities. Join me in saying, “Yo, Tony, get to work.” He is now our principal researcher for a new project related to the European Community’s investigation of Google search result manipulation. (I know that most people are unaware of this most recent thrust at Google, but it is happening.)

One final but important point: The DarkCyber video programs contain no sponsored content, no advertisements, and no embarrassing “begging for dollars” messages. The approach allows the DarkCyber team to discuss a range of topics, even those which can be uncomfortable for search engine marketers, consultants, and sketchy service providers.

Kenny Toth, May 12, 2020


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