IBM Watson: Now Thinking Critically

May 21, 2020

The Watson AI Lab with a team from Harvard and MIT developed a new AI dubbed Clevrer that reasons and recognizes casual relationships. Venture Beat shares the details in the article, “MIT Researchers Release Clevrer To Advance Visual Reasoning And Neurosymbolic AI.”

Clevrer is built on the data set Clevr developed in 2016 by Stanford and Facebook AI Research. It was designed to analyze visual reasoning abilities of neural networks and Neuro-Symbolic Concept Learner was added in 2019. The data set includes a 20,000 synthetic videos of colliding objects paired with over 30,000 natural language questions and answers about objects in the videos. The data set is important about for building smarter AI:

“MIT-IBM Watson Lab director David Cox told VentureBeat in an interview that he believes the data set can make progress toward creating hybrid AI that combines neural networks and symbolic AI. IBM Research will apply the approach to IT infrastructure management and industrial settings like factories and construction sites, Cox said.

‘I think this is actually going to be important for pretty much every kind of application,’ Cox said. ‘The very simple world that we’re seeing are these balls moving around is really the first step on the journey to look at the world, understand that world, be able to make plans about how to make things happen in that world. So we think that’s probably going to be across many domains, and indeed vision and robotics are great places to start.”

Clevrer consists of two AI that are complimentary. It will build better and reliable models that will require less data to “train” them and they will also be more energy efficient.

AI are being designed to handle huge data streams, but it is better if they are designed to solve problems. AI systems needs to have a logical components, be able to reconfigure themselves, act on environment, interpret information, and define their own mental models. AI systems need to be smarter than a calculator and better than the modern enterprise system.

Wasn’t there an IBM patent for a “Clever” system? Yes, gentle reader, there was. Hence, clevrer. Clever, right?

Whitney Grace, May 21, 2020


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