May 21, 2020

The battle royale players are Amazon, Microsoft, White House officials, the Department of Defense, former employees of high profile firms, law firms, and consultants. The subject? JEDI. The procurement has been entertainment worthy of a William Proxmire Golden Fleece Award. (Remember Senator William Proxmire?)

DarkCyber spotted “Scoop: Google Lands Cloud Deal with Defense Department.” We know this is a scoop because the word “scoop” appears in the headline. Subtle.

The write up reports as a real news scoop:

Google Cloud has landed a deal to help the Defense Department detect, protect against, and respond to cyber threats, Axios has learned. The deal, with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), is in the “seven figures…”

The main point is to make clear that it will be business as usual at the Pentagon. The single vendor idea is not making much headway when it comes to information technology.

What’s next? Awards to Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Oracle?

Good question. We thought we heard cheers from the buildings near the old SeaWorld in Silicon Valley. Maybe that was a party held at IBM Federal off Quince Orchard Road in Gaithersburg?

Probably our team’s collective tinnitus.

Stephen E Arnold, May 21, 2020


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