Google: The Web. Period.

May 29, 2020

A few years ago, DarkCyber noticed that Google hides the url for PDF files. For anyone interested in creating a reference to a PDF, the Google change was an annoyance. There are workarounds, but Google is pretty skilled at creating work which channels users into the firm’s walled garden. If you look for a url in an AMP page, there are no more urls, at least according to Zenexer via this tweet. DarkCyber believes that the Google walled garden, discussed in Google Version 2: The Calculating Predator is taking specific steps to become the “Internet.” I am not going to review information I published in 2006. Are there work arounds? Of course. Will 96 percent of the people relying on Google for information use them? Not in a blue moon. What are the implications of this? Many. But after 14 years of erecting the digital equivalent of Machu Picchu, who cares? Who notices? Who bothers to deal with footnotes provenance, and sources?

Answer: Not the people in regulatory agencies in Washington, DC. And maybe only four cent of Google’s users or products. That Lewis Carroll guy did the garden thing, didn’t he? What were his motives? Yikes.

Stephen E Arnold, May 29, 2020


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