Crazy Enterprise Search Report: Sketchy Astounding Info PLUS a Free Consultation

June 1, 2020

This week’s crazy enterprise search report is titled “Enterprise Search Market: Global Industry Analysis 2020-2026 by Types, Applications and Key Players.” The content seems to be a rehash, reprint, or repositioning of the weird Covid and enterprise search market report. The DarkCyber team did a little poking around, and it appears the “author” of this report is using free news release services. As we have noted in our previous crazy ESR market stories, the companies covered are a fruit salad. Elastic is left out; Concept Searching is included. Also rans like Expert System, IBM, and SAP are included. The others? Well, each company uses “enterprise search” in its marketing material. That is close enough for horse shoes for this report.

But the real plus is that after you buy the multi thousand dollar report, the buyer gets “free consulting.” From whom? Not revealed? On what? Not disclosed. How good? Not addressed.

Some people must buy these reports. Google believes these news releases are “real news.” Well, that’s a plus. If one is not in Google, one does not exist,  right. That’s a bit like the market for enterprise search when Elasticsearch is a click away. The data in the report? Maybe a Hopf fibration calculation gone awry? Maybe Dr. Hopf (were he alive) would award an “A” for effort?

Stephen E Arnold, June 1, 2020


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