Criticism of Zuck: Empowering the Digital Ninja

June 1, 2020

Update: Mark Zuckerberg’s kimura arm lock is weakening. For details about a surprising pushback from Facebook professionals, navigate to the San Jose Mercury News’s story “Facebook employees plan virtual walkout over Trump treatment
Some workers disagree with Zuckerberg’s hands-off policy to president’s posts.” In a battle of power, which entity has more oomph: The Zuck or the proles? Worth watching this play off game. June 1, 2020, 3 pm US Eastern

DarkCyber found the article in Forbes Magazine (the capitalist’s tool, a phrase endorsed by the motorcycling publisher) adds juice to the Zuck. “Legal Organization Condemns Facebook, Zuckerberg For Not Condemning Trump” reports that Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is not happy with the Facebook founder’s approach to tweets from Donald J. Trump. The Forbes’ article states:

While a war of words and threats continues between Twitter and the President, the Lawyers’ Committee bemoaned Trump’s tweets on the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers. In those posts, the President referred to protesters as “thugs” and threatened to use military force to subdue the violent and destructive protests.

Factual? Yes. However, the article is likely to add juice to the digital ninja’s relationship with the current administration. The business story is that Facebook may be moving in a direction different from that followed by other high-technology companies. Which ones? Maybe the Google? Maybe proud creators of Catalina? Facebook has some useful data to inform certain tactical actions of the Zuck.

Stephen E Arnold, May 31, 2020


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