Quantum Computing Has Time to Build Some Hype Momentum

June 30, 2020

After artificial intelligence, quantum computing wants to be a leader in the hyperbole arms race. “Value of Quantum Computing Uncertain for at Least 10 Years” makes a case for the quantum cheerleaders to adopt two Stalin five year plans. These can be implemented back to back.

The article quotes an outfit called Lux Research (which I assume connotes expensive information) as learning:

Quantum bits, or qubits, are inherently unstable, thus reducing the accuracy of any computation that relies on them; this is the first major obstacle to commercialization. For this reason, problems that lack clearly defined answers (like machine learning) but still benefit from improved solutions are the best problems to target with quantum computing.

DarkCyber thinks this means that graduate programs and venture capitalists have plenty of time to make their personal and financial investments pay off.

In the meantime, quantum computing cheerleaders can perfect their routine without too much fear of a rival coming up with a show stopper. And conferences? Absolutely.

Stephen E Arnold, June 30, 2020


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