Visual Search Engines Provide Different POV Than the Google

July 15, 2020

Google image search is the standard visual search tool people use. It does not, however, provide the extra kick needed for deeper dives, especially with all the Pinterest results. Tech Funnel addresses how visual search engines are an advantage for businesses as well as points out nine great ones in: “Popular 9 Visual Search Engines To Know.”

There are many benefits to using visual search, such as it that it connects with younger generations because they connect with images when they use social media and apps. They are far more likely to purchase an item through these platforms than a Web site. Visual search also allows people to emotionally connect with a brand than standard text and it boosts revenue as it will be the next way people search for items along with voice search.

Popular visual search engines include Pinterest Lens that allows users to take photos of items and they can find, save, or shop for them. Fashion retailers are already using it, so Pinterest users can find clothing their models wear. Google Lens is similar to Pinterest Lens, except its applications are more diverse. It can be used for translation, searching for items, places, people, etc.

Amazon Rekognitio, Instagram Shopping, Snapchat Camera Search, and eBay powered by Cassini search engine have visual search engines dedicated to searching and locating items from photos. They each have different aspects, but all perform the same function. Bing appears to be different:

“From the viewpoint of a user, the experience gotten from Bing Visual Search is similar to other various visual search platforms. However, its feature of an extensive developer platform makes it preferable by a lot of developers.

With Bing Visual Search, developers are enabled to instruct the search engine on the particular data people can get from a specific photo. This means that if Bing Visual Search directs an individual to a certain product on your website, the developer has the ability to determine what information should be provided to the visitor.”

CamFind and EasyJet are the most original engines, because they are not associated with shopping nor Google. CamFind is the first successful mobile visual engine that uses image detection. EasyJet allows people to book flights based off photos, so now you can finally discover where you screen wallpaper is located.

Whitney Grace, July 15, 2020


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