TileDB Developing a Solution to Database Headaches

July 27, 2020

Developers at TileDB are working on a solution to the many problems traditional and NoSQL databases create, and now they have secured more funding to help them complete their platform. The company’s blog reports, “TileDB Closes $15M Series A for Industry’s First Universal Data Engine.” The funding round is led by Two Bear Capital, whose managing partner will be joining TileDB’s board of directors. The company’s CEO, Stavros Papadopoulos, writes:

“The Series A financing comes after TileDB was chosen by customers who experienced two key pains: scalability for complex data and deployment. Whole-genome population data, single-cell gene data, spatio-temporal satellite imagery, and asset-trading data all share multi-dimensional structures that are poorly handled by monolithic databases, tables, and legacy file formats. Newer computational frameworks evolved to offer ‘pluggable storage’ but that forces another part of the stack to deal with data management. As a result, organizations waste resources on managing a sea of files and optimizing storage performance, tasks traditionally done by the database. Moreover, developers and data scientists are spending excessive time in data engineering and deployment, instead of actual analysis and collaboration. …

“We invented a database that focuses on universal storage and data management rather than the compute layer, which we’ve instead made ‘pluggable.’ We cleared the path for analytics professionals and data scientists by taking over the messiest parts of data management, such as optimized storage for all data types on numerous backends, data versioning, metadata, access control within or outside organizational boundaries, and logging.”

So with this tool, developers will be freed from tedious manual steps, leaving more time to innovate and draw conclusions from their complex data. TileDB has also developed APIs to facilitate integration with tools like Spark, Dask, MariaDB and PrestoDB, while TileDB Cloud enables easy, secure sharing and scalability. See the write-up for praise from excited customers-to-be, or check out the company’s website. Readers can also access the open-source TileDB Embedded storage engine on Github. Founded in 2017, TileDB is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cynthia Murrell, July 27, 2020


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