Do Not Gamble. Own the Casino. The Google Way?

August 3, 2020

I read “Google’s Top Search Result?” What a surprise? No, not the fact that Google present Google-centric results at the top of mobile search results. The surprise is that until July 28, 2020, no one knew that Google’s magical algorithmic, math-is-objective, super duper relevance scooper got more Google goodies than any other “content producer.” Amazing.

In the good old days of big desktop anchor computers and monitors, there was screen real estate. Google filled the screen with objective results and, of course, some advertisements.

That was then; this is now. Mobile screens are mostly squint-generators. In order to be seen and generate clicks, the Google has to work overtime.

The challenges include:

  • Traffic, eyeballs, and individuals who will go ga-ga over that which is Googley.
  • Sizzle that will burn the greedy fingertips of competitors who want to be placed front and center.
  • Useful information for consumers. Yep, what Google displays eliminates the need to think. Advertisers who want to be listed on a Google Map. Something can be worked out.

A number of organizations have groused about Google’s magical algorithmic, math-is-objective, super duper relevance scooper.

What’s fascinating is that it has taken two decades for some people to understand the wisdom embedded in the observation, “Own the casino.”

Pretty good advice and someone at the GOOG took it.

Stephen E Arnold, August 3, 2020


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