Spotify: Implementing the Hapsburg Hustle

August 3, 2020

I read “Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Says Working Musicians May No Longer Be Able to Release Music Only Once Every Three to Four years.” I also read the comments in Hacker News related to this write up. The Fader article states:

Ek claimed that a “narrative fallacy” had been created and caused music fans to believe that Spotify doesn’t pay musicians enough for streams of their music. “Some artists that used to do well in the past may not do well in this future landscape,” Ek said, “where you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough.”

Motivated by financial and psychological factors, the big M (Mozart) hit a fatal D minor  in 1791. He was 35. DarkCyber’s view is that music MBAs want output.

Nothing new. Will Spotify Bach off? Unlikely. Content needed.

Stephen E Arnold, August 3, 2020


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