Me Too, Me Too: Password Matching

August 7, 2020

Digital Shadows, founded in 2011, offered its Searchlight service. Terbium Labs, founded in 2013, offers its Matchlight services. Enzoic, founded in 2016, offered its password matching service. Scattered along the information highway are other cyber security firms offering variations on looking for compromised information on the Regular Web, the Dark Web, and in any other online source which the crawlers can reach. I mention these companies and their similar matching services because DarkCyber spotted “LogMeIn Introduces New Lastpass Security Dashboard and Dark Web Monitoring, Delivering a Complete Command Center for Managing Digital Security.” The write up states:

In addition to displaying weak and reused passwords, the new Security Dashboard now gives all LastPass users, regardless of tier, a full picture of their online security, providing complete control over their digital life and peace of mind that accounts are protected.

What’s interesting is that the capability to perform this type of LastPass check has been around for many years. Progress. People seeing the “light”? Some bad actors simply brute force passwords because many individuals prefer passwords from this list. The fact that strong passwords are not widely used contributes to bad actors’ success.

Stephen E Arnold, August 7, 2020


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