Kiddie Computer Supports: Not Online But Related to Online

August 9, 2020

DarkCyber spotted “Best Affordable Desk Chair for Kids in 2020.” The write up presents mini commercials for eight desk chairs for the young WFH’er. Among the models are these remarkable solutions to lying on the floor, standing while shift one’s weight from leg to leg, and using a computing device at a kitchen table.

The wobble stool wobbles and teaches kids how to learn correct posture. I slump, and I don’t think the wobble stool would have been right for me.

A kids’ ball balance chair. This is a visual delight.


And the third chair I want to highlight is the classic desk chair. Yep, it looks like a standard desk chair with levers, wheels, and a flashy two tone color scheme, just smaller.


  1. None of the chairs has a cup holder for essentials like Vitamin Water, a plastic animal filled with faux juice, or a frosty can of Mountain Dew.
  2. None of the chairs offers a snack shelf. Computing means eating junk food, right? Am I right?
  3. No Twitch or Zoom centric features like a built in mouse pad, brackets for connecting a mobile phone at eye level, or a connector for a ring light
  4. No semi recline mode, an essential posture for some would be professional streamers and gamers. I just call this slump mode.

We do love that green ball thing, however. That may turn a kid into a couch potato in less time than it takes a youthful computer user to level up.

Stephen E Arnold, August 9, 2020


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