Data Federation: K2View Seizes Lance, Mounts Horse, and Sallies Forth

August 13, 2020

DarkCyber noted “K2View Raises $28 million to Automate Enterprise Data Unification.”

Here’s the write up’s explanation of the K2View:

K2View’s “micro-database” Fabric technology connects virtually to sources (e.g., internet of things devices, big data warehouses and data lakes, web services, and cloud apps) to organize data around segments like customers, stores, transactions, and products while storing it in secure servers and exposing it to devices, apps, and services. A graphical interface and auto-discovery feature facilitate the creation of two-way connections between app data sources and databases via microservices, or loosely coupled software systems. K2View says it leverages in-memory technology to perform transformations and continually keep target databases up to date.

The write up contains a block diagram:



  1. It is difficult to determine how much manual (human) work will be required to deal with content objects not recognized by the K2View system
  2. What happens if the Internet connection to a data source goes down?
  3. What is the fall back when a microservice is not available or removed from service?

Many organizations offer solutions to disparate types of data scattered across many systems. Perhaps K2View will slay the digital windmills of silos, different types of data, and unstable connections? Silos have been part of the data landscape as long as Don Quixote has been spearing windmills.

Stephen E Arnold, August 13, 2020


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