Object Detection AI Offers Deal

August 13, 2020

Object detection AI are currently big projects in the technology community. AI developers are teaching computers using large datasets how to learn and reason like a human infant. It his hard to imagine that AI object detection software is available for consumers, but Product Hunt recently ranked Priceless AI as a number one product of the day.

Priceless AI describes itself as an, “‘all-you-can-eat’ image object detection at a fixed monthly price.” What is astonishing is how cheap Priceless AI is compared to its counterparts AWS Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision. AWS Rekognition starts at $5/month for 10,000 monthly predictions heading all the way to $8,200 for 10,000,000 images predictions. Google Cloud Vision, on the other hand, starts at $20 then goes up to $18,700. These prices are outrageous when Priceless AI stays at a simple $99 for any amount of image predictions a month.

How can they do this?

“How do you offer such a cheaper alternative to AWS Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision?

We do clever low-level optimization allowing us to make a more efficient use of the hardware.”

Priceless AI allows its customers to have more than one concurrent request and they can be used on as many clients/devices as wanted. The devices/clients need to be synchronized, because only the number of concurrent purchases are allowed.

Priceless AI wants to be as transparent as possible with customers, but they do keep some things secret:

“What model are you using to run object detection?

We can’t disclose the exact model, but we can tell you it’s a state-of-the-art deep convolutional neural network.”

Companies do need to try to keep the their secrets.

Whitney Grace, August 13, 2020


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