Microsoft Azure: Big Like a Trillion

September 16, 2020

Microsoft, the JEDI knight for 2020, is bigger and more capable. “Microsoft AI Tool Enables Extremely Large Models with a Trillion Parameters.” Yep, a trillion. Can you visualize a trillion? I can’t. When I worked at an interesting consulting firm, I learned about a study of the behaviors of Boards of Directors for large public companies. The finding was that the Boards would spend more time discussing small financial activities than multi-million or multi-billion dollar deals. So a trillion. Yeah, right.

The write up asserts:

Microsoft Corp. has released a new version of its open-source DeepSpeed tool that it says will enable the creation of deep learning models with a trillion parameters, more than five times as many as in the world’s current largest model.

The article continues:

DeepSpeed is a software library for performing artificial intelligence training. Announced in February, it has already gone through multiple iterations that increased the maximum size of the models it can train from more than 100 billion to more than a trillion.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft cannot install a $0.99 codec into Windows 10. The trillion is 12 zeros. The .99 is off the radar, just like the crazy assertions about big data. DeepSpeed, like a JEDI unable to deal with a codec.

Stephen E Arnold, September 16, 2020


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