An Infographic about Amazon with One Tiny Omission

September 18, 2020

Until the Visual Capitalist diagrammed “The Jeff Bezos Empire In One Giant Chart,” South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone had the best portrayal of Bezos. Stone and Parker depicted Bezos as a psychic human with a giant brain akin to something out of a science fiction B movie. The 2018 season of South Park also compared Amazon Fulfillment Centers to indentured servitude complete with renditions of “I Sold My Soul To The Company Store.”

The Visual Capitalist takes a more professional representation of Bezos by breaking down his fortune and depicting it with handy dandy charts. Bezos’s assets total $137 billion, surpassing philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. That fortune will decrease in the future, because Bezos and his wife of twenty-five years MacKenzie Bezos are divorcing. It is currently unknown how the couple will divide the fortune.

Most of Bezos’ empire is Amazon and acquisitions he made through his main company. He purchased Whole Foods, PillPack,, Zappos, and Kiva Systems. Not all of Bezos’s purchases were wise as seen in failed dot-com and Twilio. He has also invested money as a venture capitalist through his Bezos Expeditions.

If that was not enough, his personal investments are also shared:

“Jeff Bezos also invests money on a personal level. He was an angel investor in Google in 1998, and has also put money in Uber and Airbnb. (Note: these last two companies are listed on the Bezos Expeditions website, but on Crunchbase they are listed as personal investments.

Nash Holdings LLC

Nash Holdings is the private company owned by Bezos that bought The Washington Post for $250 million.

Bezos Family Foundation

The BFF is run by Jeff Bezos’ parents, and is funded through Amazon stock. It focuses on early education, and has also made an investment in LightSail Education’s $11 million Series B round.

Blue Origin

Finally, it’s also worth noting that Jeff Bezos is the founder of Blue Origin, an aerospace company that is competing with SpaceX in mankind’s final frontier.”

Does Bezos have enough to purchase his own island yet? Why stop at an island, when he could buy an entire archipelago.

And the omission?

Amazon’s policeware and intelware businesses.

Whitney Grace, September 18, 2020


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